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The Week That Was...

By marilynbennett, Mar 5 2017 11:44PM

This week I felt like a real author. Up until now my mindset has been that I have written some book that I whispered about, but over the past seven days I felt like a bonfide author.

I did an interview for a magazine, had an article published on a website, agreed to do another magazine piece and lined up reviews with three blogs. I don't know if this is business as usual for most authors, but these were all firsts for me. I had an amazing week and I know it won't always be like this, but it felt like a treat to be an advocate for something I have created for once.

I think I talked way too much in the interview and I am slightly nervous about the reviews. I'm really pleased with my book, but that means nothing. I'm a glass half full sort of person. What I realised this week is that it's now no longer about my view on the book, this is when I hand my book's fate over to readers and they decide what happens next.

The key at this stage is getting it in front of them and this is where The Magician (aka my Publicist) has been amazing. My campaign will soon be over and The Magician will be off to join a new circus. I will have to start drumming up interest myself. I'm going to have to reach out to more bloggers, organise readings and do lot's of new stuff, but after this week I realise that I'm not going to be as nervous as I thought and I will enjoy it.

I know there are no short cuts, but if my reviews are doo doo I'm guessing I'm going to have to be really strategic and make use of some of the key things I have learnt over the past three weeks about social media. I have learnt that people tend to like or hate human beings, but they lurve cats! If all else fails maybe I could change my profile picture on all my accounts to one of a cat. A cat wearing some form of human apparel seems to be on trend, so this will be step one. I will also put in my profile information that my book was inspired by a stray cat I once knew. I'm not quite sure how I will link this blatant lie to the content of my book, but interest in me is bound to increase purely based on cat association.

If that doesn't work I'm going to use the fail-safe strategy and attempt to start a Twitter beef with Piers Morgan. This appears to be the golden nugget. I might actually get a mention in some random section of The Guardian!

Well I have to start thnking and planning my next steps from now, so cap and book in hand I will approach more bloggers and book clubs next week.

Keep it squeezy!

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