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The Sequel to Granny with Benefits

By Marilyn, Feb 20 2017 11:07AM

Last week the sequel to my book Granny with Benefits was sent to the typesetters. The very pretty design for the cover was completed, so it felt like all systems go again.

But then the ebook for Granny with Benefits came out on Tuesday and it was business as usual. I went to Tesco and put the bins out. That's what happens in the E N Fizzy (aka Enfield) on Tuesdays. So there was no outpouring of love from a Valentine or new readers. I realised that I need to step up to the plate just that bit more on the publicity front.

I read that there are apparently nearly two hundred thousand books published in the UK annually and in any given year we rank 2nd or 3rd globally in terms of the number of books produced. It's very competitive, but clearly also one of things we love, so I decided to not be daunted, but galvanised, by it. I'll have plenty company!

My fantastic publicist, who is basically in week 2 of the campaign, bagged me a review and piece in a local magazine on Wednesday, which was such fantastic news. I'll actually have something to post on my News and Reviews page!

This week ended with me getting a bit more acquainted with social media. I quite like Twitter. Yes, I know I'm late, but better late than never. I now have 12 followers. One of them sent me an invite to watch sexy videos. I put on my profile that I'm a Handy-woman. I'm wondering if that has given the wrong impression. During this next week, I might need to learn how to un-follow people.

Keep it squeezy!

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