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Goodbye's and Hello's

By marilynbennett, Mar 14 2017 12:26AM

So this is my last week in the extremely capable hands of The Magician (aka my publicist) and I feel a wee bit sad. The ability to conjure up something pretty much out of nothing is not an illusion. They made stuff happen for me. I'm not just talking about the interviews and articles, I'm talking about the fact that I now have the confidence to go out and make publicity opportunities for myself. I may not get very far, but at least I have a bit more knowledge and experience about how to try. I didn't have that six weeks ago.

I will miss not having The Magician in my corner. Before the campaign started I actually wondered if anyone would read my book. I got the smallest number of paperback copies printed because the thought of looking at boxes of books gathering dust in some corner of my home was not a pretty one, so I thought this was my way of being a realist.

Working with a publicist has actually made me a realist. I have a long road ahead and work to do, but I think I'm good for it, so Cameron Publicity, I salute you!

My first task in a bid to take over the reigns from The Magician was to reach out to bloggers. Over this past week I have come to realise that these folks are actually the unsung heroes and sheroes of the book industry, so I'm clearing my throat to sing their praises.

One of the bloggers I contacted has 800 books to read! Another reads a book a day! Say what, say who? This level of support and dedication just for the love of it is amazing. I have had interview and review offers purely based on my email requests and they seem very apologetic if they can't fit me in. I'm just pleased they replied! No one owes me their time. These people have whole lives of their own and the fact that they choose to dedicate so much of their free time to support a new writer like myself is a wonderful, generous thing.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't like chain letters. When people send me Whatsapp chain letters trying to guilt trip my backside into rifling through my contacts to find 9 people to forward some long-winded curse-like message to, I resent it. But today I witnessed a new kind of chain action. Short Book and Scribes blogger, Nicola, very kindly agreed I could blogpost on her site. When I opened my Twitter account there were 14 notifications. If I get one notification on any given day we're cooking with gas! These notifications were from various bloggers who had forwarded Nicola's tweet about my blogpost. It was emotional!

So Bloggers, I salute thee!

Keep it squeezy!

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