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Flying Solo

By marilynbennett, Apr 9 2017 11:03PM

So I've taken over the reigns from my Publicist for a few weeks now and it's not been too bad. I had a fab interview with the blogging machine that is the wonderful Linda Hill ( and the Magician's magic is still weaving wonders, as I've had another radio interview. Today I sat down with the lovely Nikki Bedi on BBC Radio London and we had a good old yap about upcycling and the book.

In my interview with Linda, I touched upon the fact that my hobbies have been a springboard for getting interest in the book. Never in a million years would I have thought that my love of renovating antiques would be a catalyst for getting publicity for the novel, but it really has been. Reloved Magazine have a feature on my upcycling endeavours in next month's issue. I was quite reticent about showing pieces of furniture and my home initially, because I'm generally a very private person, but the piece they have done is quite something, so I'm looking forward to sharing it.

I'm still trying to reach out to bloggers and it's starting to pay off, as I have three reviews to come in this month. I feel a little bit nervous about what the feedback will be, but this is all par for the course. There will be someone who either loves or hates my book. I'll have to take the respectful dislike on the chin, but you know primarily I'll be hoping peope like it!

My response to undertaking this publicity lark is quite interesting. I know my book inside out. I wrote it, so I flippin should, but I get quite nervous before attending these things. You'd think it was a police interview and I was providing a false alibi! Irrespective of today's deodarant failings, I really enjoyed the interview.

Keep it squeezy!

Disclaimer: I'm middle aged, so suffer from fine print intolerance. Please excuse the typo's yeah!

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