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Buy buy buy, sell sell sell

By marilynbennett, Feb 26 2017 08:59PM

The other day I said that I was galvanised by the fact that here in the UK we have about 200k books published every year. Today, I'm not so sure that I am.

I'm learning quite quickly that like any other creative business, the literary industry is ridiculously competitive. I'm seeing incredibly successful authors on social media sending a tweet for every heartbeat on their new books. These authors have large publsihing houses, the traditional media and sales behind them and yet they too have to push their books with the same might as me.

I was quite surprised to read that apparently a book can be deemd a bestseller if it sells more than 4000 copies. Now don't get me wrong, if I sell 4000 copies of my book, I'm holding a street party, buying myself a trophy and a new mouse mat. I just thought a bestseller meant sales approaching a squillion copies. So I now understand the healthy social media presence of some authors. In that rather polite British way, people don't talk about actual sales figures. It's as if you're asking about their personal bank balance. So who knows how many books successful authors are actually selling, but one thing is for sure, it's more than me, so I need to get my tweet on!

So this week I upped my Twitter game a tad. I tweeted, re-tweeted and retreated. I had to unfollow some people, which my friend advised is poor form. The thing is I just can't keep up with the twitter feed of all these peeps. I mean, if I'm following you I want to read what you have to say, but by the time I get up to date there are another new ten tweets, so something had to give. Some people have tens of thousands of followers! When do they wash, eat or sleep? I imagine they have some kind of Minority Report or Stock Exchange set up and a team manning all the tweets coming through. My friend advised that you can simply mute people. So that was another lesson for this week.

My publicists have lined up a newspaper piece on me. Whoop whoop! I also got my first review and it was 5 out of 5. Whoop whoop on repeat!

So let's see what this next week brings.

Keep it squeezy!

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