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About Marilyn

I have worked in television production for over 20 years.  Working on all kinds of shows and with lots of great people, but three years ago I decided I wanted to do something different.  My career has pretty much revolved around working on other people's creative projects and I suddenly got the urge to find out what I was capable of.


I was quite the bookworm as a child, but my first trip to the cinema changed all of that and the magic of the small and large screen beckoned and I never looked back.


So fast-forward a few decades, I decided that I would write and produce a short film about an elderly woman who ran a dating agency.  This morphed into my debut novel, Granny with Benefits and it's sequel, which will be published later this year.


I broke a lifelong tradition of never quite finishing something, which has been an accomplishment in itself!  I hope you enjoy my books, as much as I have truly loved writing them.


Keep it squeezy!



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